A simple headband can make some masks more stable and fit more tightly. You may be able to make a headband using scraps from the pages you’ve already used, or, if you’re more comfortable, you can print this headband-template.

  1. Cut three strips of paper that are 11 inches long and roughly 1 -1½ inches wide.

  2. Tape or glue the strips so that it forms a single, long strip. They can overlap quite a bit, just so long as the bonds hold securely.

  3. Wrap the strip around your head above your eyes so it forms a snug but not tight headband and mark or hold where it overlaps.

  4. Tape or glue the band at the marked or held spot and cut off any excess. The band should now fit snugly around your head.

  5. Cut three to five more strips of paper that are 3½-5 inches long and 1-1½ inches wide, just so long as they’re the same length. The larger and heavier the mask, the more additional strips you’ll need.

  6. Tape or glue them so that they are spaced equally around the headband, sticking up like the points of a crown.

  7. Tape these points to the inside of the mask to secure the headband in place. You may need fold the tabs if they’re too long or re-position them a few times to get the right placement and fit. You may also find it helpful to tape the front of the band to the inside front of the mask if possible.

  8. You may need to slide a finger or two inside the mask while putting on to guide the headband into place.