• What exactly am I ordering from you?

Most items are either patterns or kits.

Patterns include a PDF with parts and instructions. You must print out the parts on paper or cardstock to build your creation. Most patterns can be downloaded immediately after payment. In a few cases, you will receive, after a delay for processing, an invitation to join a Dropbox folder where you can download the necessary files.

Kits are shipped to you with a pattern and pieces already cut out for your convenience.

  • What kind of payment do you take?

Credit/debit card and Paypal are available.

  • My transaction is still processing. How long does it take?

Transactions should be processed immediately, though every once in a while Etsy's payment system holds transactions for one reason or another. We don't have any access to the payment processing system, so we unfortunately can't see what is causing the delay. Please check with Etsy support to see if they can help with the process.

Supplies You'll Need

  • What do I need?

For patterns, you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat, card stock or card board (old file folders can work great!), access to a printer or printing service, scissors or a craft (e.g., X-acto) knife (both can be helpful), and a cutting surface (self-healing mat, old cereal box, or something similar).

For both patterns and kits, you will need glue or strong tape.

We also recommend having something to watch or listen to in the background while you work.

  • What size and type of paper works for patterns?

The patterns are intended for US Letter sized paper (8.5 x 11″) or A4 (some printers may cut off edges when printing. In such cases, be sure to refer to the PDFs on your screen).

For paper type, we recommend 65 lb card stock (170 gsm). This card holds up fairly well and comes in a wide variety of colors. 110 lb (200 gsm) stock will also work well. Alternatively, you can trace the pattern onto old, sturdy materials like index files, manila folders, or cereal boxes. Some customers have also used thin foam core and cardboard with success. These will require eliminating tabs from the pattern and requires care when folding.

  • What glue/tape do you recommend?

Most white glues work quite well. We're fond of Alene's Tacky Glue. Note that only a small amount of glue is necessary – too much, and the paper will dampen and warp. Some customers have found hot glue to be effective, though it can be tricky in tight spaces and be bulky.

If using tape, clear packing tape is a fast and strong way of constructing our patterns, though it can be difficult to paint (a coat of primer can help). Some customers have used magic or invisible tape effectively, though we recommend taking care that the tape is strong and adheres well.

The Build Process

  • How long does it take to build a pattern?

Unfortunately, it's difficult to say. It will vary depending on the size and complexity of the pattern/kit, your skill as a builder, and the methods and materials you use to build. Particularly simple patterns (3-5 pages) can take about an hour if done quickly. Some other patterns (17+ pages) may take 8 or more hours of work if done with precision. Kits will be significantly faster than patterns as they eliminate printing, cutting, and scoring.

  • Is it difficult to build?

Our patterns all come with estimates of difficulty:
* Easy
* Easy-Medium
* Medium
* Medium-Hard
* Hard

However, it's difficult to say for sure how challenging any particular person will find our designs. We've seen 6 year old boys put together our most challenging kits with no trouble. On the other hand, we've had a few adults give up in frustration with simpler patterns. Some call our instructions and method of building simple. Others say it's quite complicated. This range makes it hard to say what you'll think.

Still, if you're a fairly crafty type of person, we trust you'll find it fairly straightforward. Some reviewers have called the process "fun" and "relaxing". We hope you will, too!

  • The mask is too tight. Is there a way to loosen it?

Some masks come with the back already split, but some don't. If your mask don't have a slit up the rear, try adding one. It may make fitting the mask easier. If this isn't sufficient, you may need to rebuild it in a bigger size. You can scale the parts in most print dialogs in the Advanced Settings or Preferences. Look for Scaling and change it from 100% to something larger like 104%.

  • Do you have a video tutorial?

Sure do!

Other Questions

  • Do the patterns come in color?

A few do, particularly the video game patterns, but most do not. Printing onto colored card stock can produce some lovely results, and some patterns have recommendations on colors to print each page to. Alternatively, you can paint your finished designs and create something intricate and wonderful.

  • Do you build and ship finished products?

We may be able to build and ship products for you, depending on our workload at the time. Bear in mind that this requires additional costs due to the labor involved. Contact us to check on availability and pricing.

  • Do you take requests for new patterns?

We're happy to consider custom requests for patterns and kits, so please ask! We may have to turn down some requests due to licensing issues, feasibility, or other matters, but we've had many happy customers bring great ideas that we enjoy bringing to life.